About Us

About Us

Akkroweb is a Polish-French company, a good team, who has been working together for more than 3 years now. Akkroweb is under polish law, but its heart is between these two countries.

We know how to use the best Web solutions, those who have been already applied in the whole world. Our applications are tested in every detail, in order to offer a top quality product, reliable and safe.

Beneath Akkroweb's logo, we are a new. Not yet bored, every customer is treated individually. For us each new project is a new challenge in which we commit ourselves to the fullest.

The most important thing for us is your satisfaction. We will do everything to meet your expectations, to put your ideas and projects on line.

If you want to start the great Internet adventure, if you want to improve your image in the web, if you're ready to present your company, to sell your products, if you want to go further and install a CMS, a e -learning platform , a social network, or even a Hello Kitty gallery (our designers are not afraid of anything!) - you are here at the right place. We are passionate about each new idea, every new project.

We are open, open-minded, accessible, and friendly (it's we who have the world record for number of friends on facebook!). Finding a way to communicate with us will not be difficult: we speak English, French, German, Polish, and are even capable of understanding the Walloon, Czech, Slovak and the Swiss Romand!

We're the new kids, so we must be competitive and efficient.

If you want to check it - please contact us, we will talk, we will find out what you need and prepare for you a personalized offer.

To summarize - if you want to create:

  • a webpage adapted to your individual needs,
  • content management system,
  • business portal,
  • company's simple webpage
  • e-commerce (on line shop)
  • Social network

you are welcome to contact us. Don't forget to check our offer as well!

Last realizations

Our profile

  • Website design/logo
  • Hosting/Domain name
  • Flat/Static site
  • CMS/Catalog
  • e-commerce
  • e-learning
  • Maintenance
  • SEO/Statistics
  • Smartphone

Akkroweb, huh?

Akkroweb comes from Accros au Web - Addicted to Web in french.
Akkroweb because Accrosauweb is too long, and unpronouncable !
Akkroweb because we come from different regions, and in Poland, we use k for c.
Akkroweb because... why not ?

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